May 2021

Drawing Room Materials Palette - Eton Terrace

This is a space all about luxury and the materials selected emphasised this. Warm neutrals ensured the space felt welcoming and homely and pockets of colour added interest and depth. There is a real sense of sophistication here yet it doesn't feel intimidating due to the range of finishes, fabrics and materials.

1. Metropolitan wingback armchair - B&B Italia, Adria Fabric Teal Blue

2. Metropolitan low back armchair - B&B Italia, Elmas fabric in Blue Tweed

3. Lapipe Dining Chairs - Friends & Founders, Ritz velvet in Blush

4. Chimbuka rug - Walter Knoll

5. Harry Large Ottoman - B&B Italia, Stone Alfa Leather

6. Edouard Sofa - B&B Italia, Libeccio 151 Stone

7. Edouard Sofa - B&B Italia, Pewter Frame

8. Classic Tufted Wool Rug - Kasthall, Greige

9. Manta Table - Rimadesio, Emporada Marble

The final result - a striking yet soft drawing room which reflects our client's tastes entirely.

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