February 2021

Meet the team : Andrew McColl

In this blog series we have asked each of our team members various questions so you can get to know us a little better.
First up is company director Andrew McColl.

Describe your perfect project? - The undiscovered gem! The building that’s unloved and the client who looks at it and thinks is it possible? We take a look at it and together with the client transform it. More often than not there are lovely discoveries on the way, whether that be a fireplace, hidden doorway or even a box of old toys.

What got you into the industry? - I have always been fascinated by buildings and structures. I nearly trained to be a civil engineer but Edel's projects are, in my opinion, more interesting than tunnels and bridges.

Explain your role in the company? -I am co-director and a Chartered QS. I look at the building, its condition, location, size, type, everything, and can confirm quickly to a client what is possible. From there I work with Katherine and other designers to develop and agree project, brief, schedules, specification, probable costings, contract drafting and alongside our Site Foremen undertake Contract Manager duties.

What do you love most about your job? - The transformation of a project from first view to delighted customers as the 'is it possible dream?' becomes their new home. The unbelievable skill set of our team and specialised skilled trades to produce incredible and beautifully crafted work.

What do you think sets Edel apart from other similar companies?The genuine let's see what we can really do, it is all possible. If we are going to do this we will do it outstandingly well.

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