March 2021

Meet the team : Graham McLaren

In this blog series we have asked each of our team members various questions so you can get to know us a little better.
This week we catch up with Senior Joiner Graham McLarens

Describe your perfect project? - One with lots of sun and palm trees. In all honestly, I love doing what I’m doing - opening up traditional buildings, discovering how they were built 200 years ago, imagining the construction process, and also identifying the techniques they used such as dovetailing floor joists, herring bone dwanging etc.

What got you into the industry? - I have always loved working with my hands, it is something I feel comfortable doing and I enjoy doing it. I have a flair for what I do and I find it satisfying putting things together.

Explain your role in the company? - Senior Joiner, although I take it more seriously than that - I try to go above and beyond being a joiner to make sure clients are happy with their project and the end result.

What do you love most about your job? - Total job satisfaction - I enjoy the day to day work as well as seeing the end product and the clients' faces.

What do you think sets Edel apart from other similar companies?- I've always said this, Edel never compromises on the materials we use - there is nothing worse than having to just use whatever is lying around. We are also always given sufficient time to do the job well.

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