August 2021

Period Property Insights: Repairing Cornices

Traditionally found on the exterior of buildings in Victorian and Georgian properties, interior plasterwork cornices are often highly enriched and intricate making for one of the most desirable features in a period home. Designs can vary from simple horizontal lines, classic egg and dart design or intricate leaf work. In each case, cornicing provides a beautiful transition between ceiling and wall and instantly imparts a feeling of sophistication and grandeur.

Over years of redecoration however, they can often become paint bound meaning the beautiful embellishments become obscured. Only by painstakingly removing the built-up layers of paint, using specialist tools and a delicate touch, is it possible to see the definition in the design once more. On some occasions it may be that entire sections of a cornice need to be reproduced if missing or damaged. Creating a template from an undamaged area, moulds are used to replicate existing cornice in order to restore the entire room back to its full decorative glory.

Whilst it may be tempting to try to repair and restore cornicing yourself, it is a highly skilled job requiring expert skills. Edel has refurbished countless period properties here in Edinburgh and our team of professionals have the skills and experience to ensure these delicate features are restored with great care and precision.

Before Shot - layers of paint are carefully removed on this paint bound cornice

After Shot - cornice has now been fully restored and decorative details are now visible